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Where We Come from

Graduated in 2004 from Russia, Dr. Mugalis had a vision for an Environmental firm that could contribute to the development of clean  environment and clean industry into local societies in a way that no other company had done before. Being an chemical engineer, he started his engineering career with HoodOil Ltd. in its "planned" refinery project -Ras Issa Refinery -RIRCO, where he had a great chance not only to work with international EPC Contractors “like Hyundai” but also to take part and gain experience in conducting an EIA studies along with the environmental consultant "HMR" appointed to carry out an EIA study for the Refinery project in 2005/6.  


Since then, he started his own career by offering a VOLUNTARY environmental consulting services to small non-petroleum local companies, providing a particular aspect of a complete package of scope of work of EIA (such as Stone Crushing Plant, Local Disposal Network, Privet Power Generation Project ….etc.).  As he continued his engineering career with different Oil companies taking care about engineering departments/projects (with ANSAN/Staroil till 2013, and with SEPOC –till date), Dr. Moghales in parallel has continued enjoy his favorite hobby “environment” and continued developing his own business and started building up his local staff who were mainly dedicated for field service and with whom Dr. Moghales by 2011 could successfully conduct and deliver high-quality environmental surveys and studies “EIAs, EISAs” for international petroleum companies operating in Yemen.

Later on in 2013, he have been able to approach and cooperate with some of the country’s best scientists and professionals who are mainly his old Yemenies classmates and all are qualified and Phd holders from Russia. By doing so, he could build up his local team and steadily develop in house expertise in different areas such as wastewater, sold waste management and pollution prevention.


As of 2014, CORAL has merged its means, personnel, skills, capability, and abilities to provide its clients the best environmental services  with a single goal in to provide innovative environmental solutions.


CORAL TODAY is not only have its own local staff -who is mainly dedicated for field service- and its local team- who are some of the country’s best scientists and professionals- but are NOW a combination of local and global professional technical team “contracted on a project basis when required”  having  complementary multi-disciplinary skills covering technical, legislative & financial experts, sustainable development experts, as well as administrative experts and capable to provide not only comprehensive & high quality environmental services "EIA and Pollution Prevention Services" but also Engineering & Techno- Commercial consultancy services in the climate change & energy-related sectors covering the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the petroleum industry. ​Click here for more details on our Services and Projects.

Our Story: History
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