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Environmental/EIA Specialist

Since the inception of his engineering career, Dr. Moghales has devoted himself to develop CORAL’s services portfolio utilizing & applying the valuable Technical & Contractual experience he had gained from the projects & businesses he was “and still” involved in in his engineering career.  In his capacity as an Owner responsible for overseeing the overall company operations, Dr. Moghales from day one of its establishment, and up to date, has the main responsibility to perform the following tasks for the assigned projects: 

Environment Tasks:

For EIAs/ESIA studies & environmental management projects taken, the responsibilities "as Environmental /EIA Specialist" include:

·         Conduct, negotiate, agree and finalize the TOR with the respective Client for the assigned project. Fix the project SOW.

·         Identify tools & resources required for the assigned project.

·         Identify national and international legislation applicable to each project activities

·         Supervise site survey team & sampling campaign including for Air, Noise, Water, Soil.

·         Establishing the project's Baseline “both Environmental & Social”

·         Analyze and assessment the project impacts/risks, identify mitigation measures, and prepare a complete environmental management plan and monitoring program.

·         Draft & present the final report/s to the Client/s and obtain the respective permit from the concerned authority “EPA”

For the other energy & GHG climate change related assigned tasks/projects:

  • Establish project's baseline,

  • Conduct air emission related calculations & forecast the emission reduction.

  • Process the findings and generate & submit  a “preliminary” feasibility/screening report to the respective Clients ”investors” as a base “local” document/s in the process application for funding at the respective agency “such as GCF or CDM”.

Technical & Contractual Tasks:

·         Conduct Financial Analysis, Feasibility, Scranning, Marketing Studies and GHG Emission Researches/Reports for both of PETROLEUM as well as ENERGY- CLIMATE related sectors.

·         Contractual & Commercial consultation services for the Petroleum and Energy-Climate businesses & projects including drafting, administration, evaluation, negotiations, finalization and execution of various contracts agreements including FEED, EPC "FIDIC & WB", PMC, Licensing Agreements and PSA & JOA agreements, Sales, Offtake and marketing contracts Agreements.

2013 - Till date

Responsible for managing all project technical related "Pre-Award and Post-Award" activities including engineering, contractual & management aspects of the engineering aspects and projects assigned "last is Ras Iss Oil Terminal".

Reporting to the Management,


2012 - 2013

Taking a lead of Project Team "Contractors + Consultant teams" during "Post-Award"project "joint venture Block-17" stage, and responsible for technical support, overall management and fast delivery of the assigned EPC packages "CPF + Pipeline" within the agreed schedule and budget.
Reporting directly to the Owner.


2008 -2011

Acting as a Partner "HoodOil" Representative to take care about all technical matters "Engineering & Contractual" in its joint venture producing Block "CPF Oil Production".
Reporting directly to the Manager of Oil & Gas Dep.



2006 -2007

Resident engineer based at EPCC "Hyundai" Home Office and responsible for the design aspects of the entire Ras Issa Refinery Project.

Reporting to the Project Manager.


2005 -2006

Involved in review  of all contractual aspects of the the assigned project "Ras Issa Refinery Project".
Reporting to the Project Manager.


2014 - Current

Part time Technical Consultant to various Enterprises & Investors providing technical consultancy services/researches in the energy & renewable energy fields.

CV Dr. Moghales: CV
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